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Counting Australia In
Graeme Cohen's History of Mathematics in Australia

The Australian Mathematical Society

This electronic site contains information about the society, its publications and conferences, as well as more general information of interest to mathematicians in Australia and overseas.

- Information about the Society
Membership information, accreditation; Society awards and medals; office bearers; the constitution.
- Publications of the Society
Information about the publications; Subscription information; Instructions to authors; Electronic editions of the JAustMS and the ANZIAM Journal; FAQ.
- Membership and Administrative Directory
Names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses for Australian mathematicians; links to Australian and New Zealand mathematics department web servers.
- Careers, Employment Opportunities and Jobs
The Society's Graduate Career's Centre.
- Conferences, Annual meeting.
- Australian Mathematics
Information about mathematics in Australia; Information about mathematics departments in Australian universities; Postgraduate study; Organisations; Policy and politics; Funding, Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute (AMSI).
- Teaching Modules
An electronic forum for tertiary level mathematics teaching.
Information from the Division of Applied Mathematics.
- Other mathematically related sites
And other links to web sites in Australia and around the world.

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