A Division of Australian Mathematical Society (NZ Branch)


Rules of Procedure


(First adopted February 1993. Revised February 1994, February 1995)


              1    The following Rules are to be read in conjunction with the constitution of the               Australian Mathematical Society, herein to be referred to as the Society, and the                   constitution of ANZIAM, a Division of the Australian Mathematical Society,                         herein to be referred to as the Division.



2      The branch shall be called the New Zealand of ANZIAM, hereinafter to be referred to as the Branch.

3      The objects of the Branch shall be as for the Division and to

(1)     Sponsor an Applied Mathematics Lecture at the Annual New Zealand Colloquium;

                    (2)     Facilitate and/or organise the Australian Applied Mathematics Conference when appropriate;

                    (3)     Promote industrial mathematics in such ways as the Executive Committee shall decide, such as by means of workshops and consultancies.

                    (4)     Promote regional mathematical activities within NZ;

                    (5)     Promote international links.

4      Membership of the Branch shall consist of

(a)      Honorary Members, who shall be Honorary Members of the Australian Mathematical Society;

                    (b)     Foreign Members, who shall be those Foreign Members of the Division, usually resident in New Zealand;

                    (c)      Associate Members, who shall be persons not eligible to become Foreign members but who elect to pay an annual membership fee to the Branch, the amount thereof to be determined from time to time by the Branch but in all cases to be not less than the capitation fee paid by Foreign Members as prescribed in Rule 4(b);

                    (d)     Institution Members, who shall be those Institutional Members of the Society resident in NZ who pay an annual capitation fee to the Division.


5      The Officers of the Branch shall be the Chair, a Secretary and a Treasurer all of whom shall be elected by the Members of the Branch according to these Rules.

              6    The Executive Committee shall consist of:

(a)    The Officers of the Branch;

                      (b)   Not more than five further elected Members, called ordinary MEMBERS OF the Executive Committee

                      (c)    the Chair of the Division or the Chair’s nominee who shall be an ex-officio member of the Executive Committee;

7      The Chair, the Treasurer, and at least half of the other elected members of Executive Committee shall be Foreign members of the Division as well as of the Branch. All elected members of the Executive Committee shall be Members of the Branch.

8      The Executive Committee shall manage the business of the Branch and shall act to further the objects of the Branch.

9      The Chair or a member nominated by the Chair shall preside at all meetings of the Executive Committee. Half of the Executive Committee shall constitute a quorum.

10      The Secretary shall keep a record of the activities of the Branch and the Executive Committee, shall be responsible for the conduct of Postal Ballots, and shall do all such things for the use and services of the Branch as appertain to the office of Secretary. The Secretary shall annually submit a written report on the activities of the Branch to the Executive Committees of the Branch and the Division.

11      The Treasurer shall collect and receive all funds on account of the Branch and shall deposit the same in an interest–bearing Society Account established in the name of the Branch. Payments from this Account shall be made by cheques signed by the Treasurer and one other person nominated by the Committee. The Treasurer shall keep true accounts of the sums of money received and expended by the Branch and shall annually submit a financial statement to the Executive Committees of the Branch and of the Division. The annual financial statement shall be made available to any Member of the Branch on request.


12      All members of the Executive Committee shall act in an honorary capacity. No member of the Executive Committee or the Branch may receive personal benefit from the Branch’s activities.


              13    The Executive Committee of the Branch shall organise as it sees fit such meetings, conferences and seminars in furtherance of the objects of the Branch.

              14    Where fees are to be charged to cover expenses involved in the organisation and conduct of such meetings, conferences, seminars and other events, Members of the Branch may pay a discounted fee as determined by the Executive Committee.


15      The Executive Committee of the Branch shall be elected annually by Members of the Branch other than Institutional Members.

16      All elected positions on the Executive Committee shall be declared vacant at the time of the NZ Mathematics Colloquium.

17      The Chair shall not be eligible for election for more than two consecutive years.

18    Such elections abovementioned shall be by Postal Ballot, the Returning Officer will be appointed by the Executive Committee.

19    The Returning Officer will give written notice of the call for nominations for positions on the Executive Committee. This notification shall be given at the same time as the last notice for the NZ Mathematics Colloquium.

20    Nominations for any or all of the Officers and Seats to be filled may be made by any two Members who are entitled to vote at the ensuring election, provided that the persons nominated are entitled to vote at the ensuing election.

21    If only one person has been nominated for any of the offices of the Branch that person shall be declared elected unopposed. Likewise, if five or fewer persons have been validly (see Rule 6(b)) nominated for ordinary membership of the Executive Committee they shall be declared elected unopposed. In the event of a contested position the Returning Officer shall conduct a Postal Ballot, to be held before the NZ Mathematics Colloquium of the current year.

22    Each Member present at the meeting, who is entitled to vote, shall have just one vote in respect of each office and each seat to be filled.

              23    The Member who received the highest number of votes for each single Office shall be declared elected, and those Members who receive the highest numbers of votes for Ordinary Members of the Executive Committee, shall be declared elected.

            24    Persons elected as Officers or Ordinary Members of the Executive Committee shall normally take up their respective positions immediately after the NZ Mathematics Colloquium.

              25    The Executive Committee shall decide whether to fill casual vacancies on the Committee should they occur. Such vacancies shall be filled by appointment by the Committee or by Postal Ballot subject to the provisions of Paragraph 7.

            26    If there shall be no NZ Mathematics Colloquium in any calendar year or more than one such Colloquium, the Executive Committee of the Branch shall determine the timing of all actions which are required in these Rules to depend on that Colloquium, notwithstanding anything contained in these rules.

            27    If no election of Officers or Ordinary Members to the Executive Committee has taken place by December 31 of any year, the Executive Committee of the Division shall intervene and take whatever action it deems appropriate.

VII   Amendment to rules

28      Any question concerning an alteration of this set of Rules shall be decided by a special Postal Ballot of all Members of the Branch. All decisions made as the result of this Ballot shall be subject to an approval by the Division. No addition to or alteration of the Personal Benefit Rule 12 or the Winding up Rule 29 shall be approved without the approval of the NZ Inland Revenue.

VIII  Winding up

29      If upon the winding up or dissolution of the Branch there remains after the satisfaction of all its debts and liabilities any property whatsoever the same shall not be paid to or distributed among the Members of the Branch but shall be given or transferred to some other charitable organisation or body having objects similar to those of the Branch, within New Zealand.

Approved by Executive Committee of ANZIAM

February 1994