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Subscription and journal prices for members 2008

The following price list (in Australian dollars) was set at the Society's Annual General Meeting in September 2007.

* Membership Subscriptions    * Accreditation fees    * Journal subscriptions

Membership Subscriptions

Membership class AustMS subs ANZIAM subs
Ordinary member $104 $12
Sustaining member $208 $12
Reciprocal member $52 $12
Reduced rate member $26 $6
Retired member $26 $12
Special Education $52 $12
Membership fee does not attract GST.


  1. One year's free membership is offered to all new full-time graduate (incl. Honours) students in Mathematics, enrolled at an Australian university.
  2. Existing Ordinary Members who renew their subscriptions before 1st January 2008 are entitled to a rebate of $5.00, which should be deducted from their payments.
  3. All new Ordinary members are entitled to pay their first year's subscription at the concessional rate of $52 (no rebate for early payment).
  4. The optional subscription fee for ANZIAM is additional to the Society subscription.
  5. Life Membership at Retirement is available for Members over 55 years for $345.
  6. The subscription for Institutional Members is $1390.
  7. Fees for Accreditation, 2008

    The following fee must accompany each application for accreditation. Apart from the usual annual subscription fees, there are no ongoing charges for accredited members.

    Graduate Member $104
    Accredited Member $156
    Fellow $208
    Accreditation Fee does not attract GST.

    Journal Subscriptions

    The above membership fees are GST free. Journal subscriptions for Australian residents however will incur GST. Because of this, all journal subscriptions are now paid to a separate entity, the Australian Mathematical Publishing Association Inc (AMPAI), which publishes the journals.

    Please refer to the table below for the 2008 journal prices. These vary depending on your class of membership, and also whether you are an Australian resident.

      Ordinary, Sustaining, Reciprocal,
    Special Education members
    Reduced-rate, Retired,
    Life members
    Journal of the AustMS
      Resident in Australia
      Resident overseas


    ANZIAM Journal
      Resident in Australia
      Resident overseas


    The Bulletin of the AustMS
      Resident in Australia
      Resident overseas


    * GST inclusive journal prices.

    Existing members should have received a subscription form with their membership renewal notice. New members can subscribe by filling out the appropriate parts of the membership application form.

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