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The Australian Mathematical Society Medal is awarded to a member of the Society under the age of 40 years for distinguished research in the mathematical sciences. A significant portion of the research work should have been carried out in Australia. Each year the Medal is presented at the opening session of the Annual Meeting. The award was first presented in 1981.

Year Winner
1981 Professor Neil Sidney Trudinger FAA FRS
1982 Professor Gavin Brown FAA
1983 Professor Leon Melvyn Simon FAA FRS
1984 Professor Richard Pierce Brent FAA
1985 No award
1986 Dr Peter Gavin Hall FAA
1987 Professor Joachim Hyam Rubinstein FAA
1988 Dr Frank R. de Hoog
1989 Professor Michael George Cowling FAA
1990 Dr Brendan Damien McKay FAA
1991 Dr Gerhard Huisken
1992 Dr Michael Eastwood
1993 Dr Peter J. Forrester
Dr Nick C. Wormald
1994 No award
1995 Professor Adrian J. Baddeley
1996 Dr Igor Shparlinski
1997 Dr Michael K. Murray
1998 Dr Murray T. Batchelor
1999 Dr John Ivan Evgen Urbas
2000 Dr Mathai Varghese
Dr Christine O'Keefe
2001 Dr Peter (Pier) Gerard Bouwknegt
Dr Alexander Ivanovich Molev
Professor Hugh Philip Possingham
2002 Dr Xu-Jia Wang
2003 Dr Ben H. Andrews
Dr Andrew W. Hassell
2004 No award
2005 Professor Terence Tao
2006 Dr Andrew Mathas
2007 No award

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