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Other Places to look for Mathematical Information

In a recent article (Syllabus, April 1996) Brian E. Smith, Mathematics Professor at Dawson College in Montreal, outlines several effective www navigation starting points for mathematics:
- Mathematics Archives (based at the Univ. of Tennessee)
"extensive list of mathematics sites in cyberspace" /
ability to search math archives / math glossary / and much more
Federation of Australian Scientific & Technological Societies. Science and Technology for the Social, Environmental and Economic Benefit of Australia.
- Geometry Forum
student projects, research, and teacher resources
- Geometry Center
interactive applications / multimedia documents / geometry
reference archives / video productions / course materials
- Educational REALMS (formerly ERIC Clearinghouse on Science, Mathematics, and Environmental Education)
for "teaching and learning mathematics" / lesson plans /
publications / organizations / journals indexed, etc.
- Penn State
animated graphics for classes
math resources by country
- WWW Virtual Library (mathematics)
links to special subjects / math department web servers /
software index / math gophers / newsgroups / preprints / e-journals /
high school servers / bibliographies, etc.
- MathSearch
ability to search over 45,000 documents in math and
statistics servers for "complex phrases"
- History of Mathematics (from St. Andrews Univ.)
Many biographies of mathematicians / portraits / graphs of
"Famous Curves" / graphs of other curves
- Virtual Library--Statistics
links to data sets
Chance Database
upcoming events / departments / research groups /
associations and institutes / archives and resources / statistics
software services / journals / news groups, etc.

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