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Journal Subscriptions 2007

This page contains information about subscribing to the Australian Mathematical Society journals:
  • Journal of the AustMS (formerly known as Journal Series A) - six issues per annum
  • The ANZIAM Journal (formerly known as Journal Series B) - four issues per annum
  • Bulletin - six issues per annum
  • Gazette - five issues per annum
Price List 2007       AustMS Member Prices

Electronic versions of our journals are finally here!

We are pleased to inform subscribers that Journal of the Australian Mathematical Society and The ANZIAM Journal are now available both in print and electronic forms. This means you can purchase these journals at affordable prices in print only or electronically only or both print & electronically.

The journals will be available in PDF format, and can be read by using the freely distributed Adobe Acrobat Reader software. The electronic journals usually appear about one month before the printed version is available. We recommended that you look at the trial electronic version of the Journal of the AustMS at

IMPORTANT! For all subscribers to electronic versions of Journal of the Australian Mathematical Society and The ANZIAM Journal, please advise us of your institution's postal address and BOTH your

  • DOMAIN NAME (e.g. the domain name for the University of New South Wales is; for the University of Edinburgh it is
  • IP-mask (e.g. devices at the University of New South Wales have IP addresses of the form 129.94.*.* or 149.171.*.* . The IP addresses of the form 129.215.*.* are at the University of Edinburgh.)
We would also appreciate an email address of a contact so that we can notify the institution when access to the journals has been turned on.

For those who are interested in the electronic version of the Bulletin, please take note that we are working towards putting trial versions online soon.

See our Frequently Asked Questions about Electronic Subscriptions page.

Very generous discounts to institutions subscribing to our journals for exchange purposes.

Universities & institutions subscribing to our journals for exchange purposes only will enjoy a 30% discount on each journal where there are 1 to 19 subscriptions, and a 50% discount on each journal where there are 20 or more subscriptions. So, the more exchanges you subscribe, the bigger the discount!


Please remember that all Australian customers will incur 10% GST (Goods & Services Tax) when they subscribe to our publications. Overseas customers will not incur GST, but will be charged a nominal overseas postage surcharge on printed journals which is included in the journals' prices.


We ask you to strictly follow the stated prices on our Price List 2007. Please do not attempt to recalculate the prices. If you have any queries, please feel free to contact us.

We advise that all claims must be received in this office within six months of date of despatch from the printer. Agents and customers claiming for journal(s) after the six months period will be advised to purchase the claimed issue(s).

Should further information be required please do not hesitate to contact our office. We assure you of our best attention at all times.

Dr A Howe


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