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Membership Information

The Australian Mathematical Society is the national society of the mathematics profession in Australia. Founded in 1956, its constitution lists as its objects the promotion and extension of mathematical knowledge and its applications.

In aiming to do this, the Society, among other things, publishes mathematical journals, fosters communication among its members through the publication of its Gazette, and organizes and supports mathematical conferences in Australasia. It also makes grants to promote mathematical investigations and encourages mathematical education by the award of prizes. It is actively involved in making the community at large more aware of the importance and benefits of mathematics.

The Australian Mathematical Society consists of a wide variety of mathematicians with diverse interests in different branches of mathematics and employed in many difference areas in the community: universities, industrial and commercial enterproses, research institutions, secondary education and so on. Its membership is open to mathematicians, and those with mathematical interests, in all walks of life and the activities of the Society reflect the interests of its broad membership.

The Society is continually alerting itself to the interests and concerns of mathematicians in Australia. As the national professional body of mathematicians, it takes as its responsibility the overall mathematical welfare of the Australian Commonwealth.

Benefits of Membership

  • Be a member of a group of nearly a thousand of Australia's leading mathematicians.
  • Obtain accreditation as a professional mathematician through the Society's accreditation program.
  • Receive complimentary issues of the Gazette (5 times a year) containing articles of interest to all mathematicians.
  • Purchase at a much reduced price, the Society's internationally recognized research journals:
    the Journals of the AustMS, the ANZIAM Journal, and the Bulletin.
  • Puchase texts in the Australian Mathematical Society's Lecture Series at 25% discount.
  • Pay reduced registration fees at many conferences organised by, or sponsored by, the Australian Mathematical Society.
  • Free 12 months membership for all new full-time graduate students in Mathematics.

Membership categories

The society has eight classes of individual membership: Honorary members, ordinary members, sustaining members, reciprocal members, reduced rate members, retired members, education members and life members.
  • Reduced rate membership is open to students and those not in full-time employment.
    Full-time students in Australian Universities receive their first year of membership free.
  • Sustaining membership provides a way of to support the Society in a more substantial way.
    Half of the sustaining membership fee is set aside for endowment funds to finance large projects.
  • Life membership is available to those who retire on or after the age of 55, on the payment of a single fee.
  • A person distinguished for the promotion, extension or application of mathematical knowledge may be elected by the Council as an Honorary Member of the Society.
  • Reciprocal membership is open to members of societies with which the Australian Mathematical Society has a reciprocity agreement.
  • Special Education membership is open to members of the Australian Association of Mathematics Teachers and the Mathematics Education Research Group of Australasia.

Institutions, associations and other organisations may become institutional members.

Further information and application forms

Further information about the society may be obtained from the Treasurer:
Dr A. Howe
Department of Mathematics
Australian National University
ACT 0200
email: treasurer@austms.org.au

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