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Membership and Administrative Directory

The 2006 Edition of the Society's Administrative Directory is now available.

This directory lists all members of the Society, as well as all mathematicians in university mathematics departments in Australia and New Zealand, and mathematicians working in a number of research units in government and industry.

It also contains a wide range of more detailed information about mathematical organisations in Australia.

The directory is available free to all financially paid-up Members of the Australian Mathematical Society in 2006 and all such Members should have received a copy by now.

There are a number of ways that you can find people on-line:

  • Most mathematics departments in Australia now maintain their own web pages, and these usually contain up-to-date information.
  • A list of Australian based mathematicians, prepared by the National Committee for Mathematics of the Australian Academy of Science (and NOT by the Australian Mathematical Society!) is available HERE. Corrections to THIS list cannot be made by the Society; they must be directed to the National Committee for Mathematics of the Australian Academy of Science.
Unfortunately, finding information about members of the Society who reside outside of Australia, or who do not work in an Australian mathematics department is not so easy at present.
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