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Other Mathematically related sites

This page contains pointers to other sites that may be of interest to mathematicians. These are largely maintained elsewhere.

Links to departments and institutes

- Australian Mathematics Department Web Servers
- New Zealand Mathematics Department Web Servers
- The Clay Mathematics Institute
The Clay Mathematics Institute is a private, non-profit foundation, dedicated to increase and to disseminate mathematical knowledge.

Other societies and organizations

- The Australian Mathematical Sciences Council.
The voice of mathematical sciences in Australia.
- Other Mathematical Societies
- American Mathematical Society
The electronic site of the American Mathematical Society. This contains lots of material, such as membership lists, and electronic copies of their publications.
The European Mathematical information Service, offered by the European Mathematical Society. This is a mirror site maintained at Adelaide University. It contains a list of other mirrors of the site along with the vast amount of information you would expect there.
- International Mathematics Union (IMU Australian Mirror)
IMU-Net is the electronic newsletter of the International Mathematical Union. Details can be found at: http://www.mathunion.org/IMU-Net/. You can find here, for instance, detailed information about subscribing to the IMU-Net mailing list and unsubscribing from it.
- Australian Science Communicators

Electronic information sources

- MathSciNet
A version of Mathematical Reviews On-line.
- Mathematics Journals and Preprint sites
Maintained at ANU Library. Lists electronic journals, information about printed journals, preprint servers, and other mathematical information servers.
- Math on the Web
A great starting point to mathematical resources available on the internet, maintained by the American Mathematical Society.
- The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Mathematics
Maintained in the US. Includes much the same information as the ANU site, as well as links to TeX archives and various address lists.
- Mathematics Information Servers
Also maintained in the US, this provides links to many other Web servers.
- Mathematics Archives WWW Server
Maintained at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. Access to most public domain and shareware software and many other materials which are contained on the INTERNET and which can used in the teaching of mathematics at the college and university level.
- Other Interesting Mathematical Sites

Special events

- ICIAM'07
- ICM 2006, Madrid
- ICIAM 2003
- World Mathematical Year 2000

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