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The BULLETIN of the Australian Mathematical Society began publication in 1969. Normally two volumes of three numbers are published annually. The BULLETIN is published for the Australian Mathematical Society by the Australian Mathematical Publishing Association Inc. 

Electronic Editions

Volume 72, 2005
Part 1, August 2005
Part 2, October 2005
Part 3, December 2005


The BULLETIN of the Australian Mathematical Society aims at quick publication of original research in all branches of mathematics. To ensure speedy publication, only articles which are sufficiently well presented as not to require revision and which are judged by the Editor (often in consultation with an Associate Editor) to be competive are refereed. This policy is in the interests of authors, as a quick rejection is better than a slow rejection, and the Editors receive more than three times as much material as can be published in the BULLETIN; many meritorious papers can, therefore, not be accepted. Editorial decisions on acceptance or otherwise are taken quickly, normally within a month of receipt of the paper. Papers are accepted only after peer review.
Manuscripts are accepted for review with the understanding that the same work is not concurrently submitted elsewhere. As even minor revisions are generally not permitted, authors should read carefully all the details listed below. For a paper to be acceptable for publication, not only should it contain new and interesting results but also
  • the exposition should be clear and attractive;
  • the manuscript should be in publishable form, without revision.
The London Mathematical Society has produced some useful
instructions for authors which will help authors with both of these requirements:  we reproduce these here with permission for the convenience of our prospective authors.  The American Mathematical Society Web site also has useful information for authors.

Authors should submit three clean, high quality copies to:

The Editor, BULLETIN of the Australian Mathematical Society,
Department of Mathematics, The University of Queensland,
Queensland 4072, Australia.

Unless requested at the time, material submitted to the BULLETIN will usually not be returned. 


1. References

Arrange references alphabetically (by surname of the first author) and cite them numerically in the text. Ensure the references are quoted accurately, and use the standard abbreviations for journal names prepared by the American Mathematical Society (these are available each year in Mathematical Reviews or from the Mathematical Reviews Resources page at the American Mathematical Society's web site).  Include in the list of references only those works cited, and avoid citing works which are ``in preparation" or ``submitted". Where the work cited is not readily accessible (for example, a preprint) a photocopy of the title page and relevant sections of the copy that you have used will be of great help to the editors. 

2. Abstracts

  • Each paper must include an abstract of not more than 200 words, which should contain a brief but informative summary of the contents of the paper, but no inessential details.
  • The abstract should be self-contained, but may refer to the title.
  • Specific references (by number) to a section, proposition, equation or bibliographical item should be avoided.

3. Subject Classification

Authors should include in their papers one or more classification numbers, following the 2000 Mathematics Subject Classification. Details of this scheme can be found in the Annual Index of recent issues of Mathematical Reviews, or from the Mathematical Reviews Resources page at the American Mathematical Society's web site.

4. Abstracts of Ph.D. Theses

The BULLETIN of the Australian Mathematical Society publishes "Abstracts of Australasian Ph.D. Theses". The abstract submitted to the BULLETIN may be the abstract included in the thesis itself. However, the BULLETIN will accept abstracts of up to 3 pages, and the abstract in the BULLETIN may include references. All the mathematical sciences are covered, including pure and applied mathematics, probability and mathematical statistics, mathematical physics, and mathematical computer science. 

Ph.D. students must provide a typed version, and preferably a TeX file, of their abstract. This should be sent to the BULLETIN Office in Queensland. Apart from the abstract itself, the BULLETIN also needs the following information:

  • the name of the university awarding the degree 
  • the name(s) of the supervisor(s) 
  • documentation, e.g., a written statement from the supervisor, that the degree has been approved
  • the month of submission 
  • the month of approval of the degree (which is usually well before the degree is formally conferred!) 
  • appropriate 2000 Mathematics Subject Classification number(s)
Sometimes there is a form inside the thesis with most of the above information on it; a photocopy of this is very useful.

Publication is fast, usually within 9 months of the approval of the degree. Abstracts must be received within six months of the approval of the degree. Students are entitled to 50 free offprints, and may order more at a moderate cost, using an order form which comes with the proofs.

5. Electronic Manuscripts

The BULLETIN is produced using AMSTeX. Authors who are able to do so are invited to prepare their manuscripts using TeX (we accept plain TeX, AMSTeX, or LaTeX) and submit text on an IBM PC compatible diskette or via e-mail to [Typed manuscripts are, of course, still acceptable]. 

If there are any mistakes in this statement of the rules for article submission, please report them to:

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